Descaragar WhatsApp Plus

Descaragar WhatsApp Plus Para Android Gratis Latest Version

You can enjoy more and more basic features of the original WhatsApp application. WhatsApp pay, dark mode, and more come with WhatsApp Plus Descargar. This modified version is famous as your FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and more. They come from the same family. This 48 MB small-size platform gives you a chance to have your own customized WhatsApp. Also lets you enjoy your privacy without any concerns.

Use WhatsApp Plus Descargar and original WhatsApp simultaneously and on the same smartphone. Get unlocked features and have an amazing time connecting with friends and family. Let’s see what features do, this modified version from the mod family has to offer us!

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WhatsApp Plus Features


Tip to Use WhatsApp Plus

It is better to use a temporary contact with this version as you never know if WhatsApp is looking to ban you or not. Anyways, WhatsApp Plus Descargar is the modified version. This app enables you to have all your basic WhatsApp features and functions.
That includes; sending broadcast messages, new broadcasts, opening WhatsApp on the web. Star messages, set chats privacy, and more with this amazing WhatsApp Plus Descargar.
The best feature of this modified WhatsApp Plus Descargar is hiding online status. Even with our last seen hidden, the app shows our online status with normal WhatsApp if we are online. But with this version of the app, you can hide your online status.

Privacy Features

Also, use your WhatsApp application without getting interrupted by anyone. You can hide your blue ticks like a pro. They will only appear once you send a message in reply. But before that, the double ticks will not turn blue. This feature will save you from clingy friends wanting your instant replies.
Unlike regular WhatsApp, this WhatsApp Plus Descargar allows you to hide your typing. And voice recording status, so no one knows when you reply to them. The automatically replying feature is part of the WhatsApp Business. And the normal WhatsApp does not offer this as well.

But with WhatsApp Plus Descargar Para Android Gratis, you can get this feature. Enjoy automatically replying to someone who messages you. This modified version also comes with unlimited options for themes. You do not have to keep the cliché green theme of WhatsApp. You can change the theme and the logo, including the notification bar of the application.

WhatsApp Plus Descargar comes with a built-in cleaner. And a sticker pack that is not part of the original WhatsApp. The cleaners help clean cache, delete unwanted chats, and more from WhatsApp. And the sticker pack enables to have customized stickers. Make your chatting fun with friends and family.
You can also have a record of all your activities through this app. The WhatsApp Plus Descagar lets you keep history. You can keep an eye on your closing, opening times, and everything you do on the application.

New Emojis and Fonts

Many fonts, styles, shapes, and sizes come with this version. You can customize your application by adding all these and selecting your favorite. The WhatsApp lock feature is best to keep your stuff safe. This way, no one can enter your app without your permission.
You can also schedule messages with WhatsApp Plus Descargar. You can customize chat notifications, privacy, and media download. You can also take help from do not disturb to avoid annoying people.

Installation Process for WhatsApp Plus

To install this amazing modified version of WhatsApp that is WhatsApp Plus Descargar. You must follow the steps listed below.

  1. First, allow installation from untrusted resources in your settings.
  2. Then, download the official application of WhatsApp Plus Descargar from the webpage.
  3. Click on the downloaded file and install this modified version.
  4. Register your phone number, and activate your WhatsApp account. Enjoy all the unlimited premium features.

Final Verdict

This article is all about the best features of the modified WhatsApp application Descargar WhatsApp Plus. Suppose you want to get extra features with normal WhatsApp functions. Then this application is the best thing you can get your hands on. But, remember, not everything comes with ease. This modified version is a third-party app. And WhatsApp developers can block or ban your primary account. So, always use a temporary account for such a version to be safe till the end. Other than that, enjoy the amazing features!

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