How to Download FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban APK for Android | Latest Version

FM WhatsApp anti-ban is another modified version. This popular version is similar to GBWhatsApp and others. But this version is further modified to be anti-ban. This makes it extremely special. With simple mods, there are chances of your accounts getting blocked. But, with this one, your accounts will not get banned. There are many other special features as well that this app offers. FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban APK is perfect if you are looking for a long-term solution.

FMWhatsApp APK

Through this platform, you can enjoy all the WhatsApp features. You can also get the entire premium feature for free. The best part! Through this app, you can completely control your WhatsApp as per your desire. Change theme, icons, privacy, and more with ease. Anyways, let’s see what features this amazing app has in store. So download FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban Version and enjoy all the cool features.

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What is FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban Version and How Does it Work?

FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban Version is a new modified and enhanced version that gives all the features of WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp. The online difference is that the Anti-Ban version now comes with the fortified solution for the well-known Ban issue.

Download FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban APK

When FMWhatsApp was first launched, many people who used it faced ban issues. All the people who used WhatsApp mods would receive a clear notice that their number is banned for a temporary period. And the reason behind it was obvious. Official WhatsApp developers were banning people because they were using the modified WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp APK with Anti-Ban Mechanism

FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban Mechanism

This problem, however, got fixed, fortunately. The new Anti-Ban measure is created to ensure that no number would be banned or blocked by WhatsApp. All the credit for this Anti-Ban solution goes to the developers’ team behind the FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban APK. So many thanks to them, now we can use FMWhatsApp and enjoy all the features without having to worry about anything else.

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How to Download FMWhatsApp 2022 Latest Version for Android

FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban APK Features

FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban Features

One of the most important features of FMWhatsApp is that you can now use FMWhatsApp without having to worry about a ban issue. This was a big issue a few years ago and a lot of people reported that their WhatsApp account is banned for using FM WhatsApp. But gladly, that’s not the case today. You can use the FM WhatsApp Anti-Ban version to fix this issue.

FMWhatsApp anti-ban is a really popular mod. You can call it an upgrade for the official WhatsApp. This app comes with customization, secret features, privacy features, and multimedia features.

Full Customization Control

FMWhatsApp Full Customization Control

With FMWhatsApp anti-ban APK, you can customize emoticons. You can also customize the theme in your favorite colors.
You can customize the WhatsApp interface. This way, you will have your unique version of WhatsApp. The icon of WhatsApp is very cliché. But, the good thing is; you can customize it using FMWhatsApp anti-ban 2022 Version. You can also customize launcher icons, wallpapers, and status for contacts.

Complete Privacy Solution

FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban Privacy

Then the secret features are amazing. Through them, you can disable different tags. Official WhatsApp does not let you remove tags from the messages. It shows you deleted messages, blue ticks, double ticks, forwarded messages, and more. But with FMWhatsApp anti-ban app, you disable the double ticks.
With this feature, you can hide blue ticks and see deleted statuses and messages. You do not have to add a contact to call them. With original WhatsApp, you have to save a contact; only you can call them through WhatsApp. But, with this one, you do not need to do that. Then your messages will not have a forwarded message tag. The reason is that you can remove it in this normal FMWhatsApp anti-ban version.
You can easily hide your status viewing; this way, no one will know that you have seen their status. Set your last seen according to your own choice.

FMWhatsApp Advanced Features

FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban Advanced Features

Through FMWhatsApp anti-ban mechanism, you can freeze or hide your last seen. Customize which contacts can call you and which cannot. Then hide online status so that you can use WhatsApp freely. Hide your recording and typing status and send direct messages.
Share huge files without any issues. With FMWhatsApp anti-ban, you can share up to 700 MB of files. You can also send more than ten files at once. Share audio files that are of 100 MBs size. With WhatsApp, your image and video quality go down. But, FMWhatsApp anti-ban version is to your rescue. This app does not let your video or image quality down and shares the original one.
You can easily pin a hundred chats in FMWhatsApp. You can have new launcher icons and themes. Then you have options to select your themes, or you can also download them from the web. This version is the best one as it does not get banned easily. Then the experience of this app is smooth and great to use.

Installation Guide for FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban APK

There is always a danger when it comes to installing APKs from different sites on the internet. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. On our site, we provide the latest versions of all WhatsApp Mods that you can download with a single click.

Below is the small installation procedure for FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban Version APK

  1. So, first, visit our website and click on the download button to download FMWhatsApp Anti Ban APK file.
  2. On that page, you will see different versions, simply choose the latest version and download it.
  3. Then, after completing the download, click on the app.
  4. The installation will start. During install, it will ask for permission.
  5. Allow it to install from Unknown Sources. This step is necessary otherwise APK file won’t be installed.
  6. Then your installation will be complete.
  7. Register your phone number and enjoy amazing features!


After reading about features and everything related to the app. Now, you must know that it is a complete anti-ban app. This FMWhatsApp anti-ban modified version of WhatsApp is something you should try. Many features are not available on official WhatsApp. But you can get them through FMWhatsApp Anti-Ban. This app has all the customizations, multimedia features, and more. It is completely free and a perfect alternative to WhatsApp. You enjoy basic WhatsApp features and premium features through this Apk. All of these features are for free. All you have to do is download the Apk as instructed, then enjoy chatting.

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