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How to Download GBWhatsApp from Official Site | Step by Step Guide

GBWhatsApp from official site has its unique values and features and that’s why you should always download GBWhatsApp from official and trusted website.

This altered form is truly well known. It gives you the capacity to share different pictures at once. You’ll be able to set your wanted themes for WhatsApp and enjoy the look. Can alter symbols, emojis and the choices for customization are perpetual. This app is culminating for getting your special WhatsApp. Normal WhatsApp is awesome, but there are numerous highlights that it needs. You cannot alter your security concurring to your needs.

The trusted source to download GBWhatsApp is from our website.

Why Use GBWhatsApp from Official Site?

GBWhatsApp Official Site

You cannot send gigantic media records. You cannot download or copy statuses in it. You cannot set themes or wallpapers. You cannot even hide your status seen through the initial app. So, it is superior to the WhatsApp app. GBWhatsApp Official Site download will give you all the astonishing functions. Here are a couple of highlights that you just will be getting with the astounding adjusted modification of WhatsApp.

Features of GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp’s official site is one of the best applications serving almost every WhatsApp feature. This application comes with features to easily hide your online status. You can easily hide your typing, last seen, recording. These features help you to save time from unnecessary tasks and people.
This app can control the privacy of your account through GBWhatsApp official site feature. Not only that, but GBWhatsApp is also helpful for sending large size files upto 50 MB of video files and 100 MBs audio files since original WhatsApp only allows sending small sized files. This is the grand feature of this app.

Send High-Quality Images

Send high quality images

GBWhatsapp’s official site allows you to send huge files doesn’t mean the quality of images or videos will be affected. They are in their original state, unlike original WhatsApp, where quality decreases and WhatsApp only allows to upload thirty seconds status. GBWhatsApp allows sending unlimited pictures and videos without any troubles. With this advanced and upgraded version GBWhatsApp official site, you can easily upload status upto seven minutes of videos. You can easily watch videos on external players. One of the amazing features is that you can easily use this application and your original WhatsApp simultaneously on a single device without any troubles. You can easily make a different account on this application. Not only that, but you can also use your original WhatsApp account on this application.

Themes & Customization

GBWhatsApp Customization

GBWhatsApp comes with a massive variety of themes and customization. You can easily change and set your themes according to your choice. This application gives a feature for you to customize your themes in such a way where you can use themes created by users. You can use themes created by developers too. This application enables the download of your themes and sets them with your own choice. GBWhatsApp language feature is so helpful for everyone. Just go to settings and set one of the languages which you desired.

Improved Privacy

Improved Privacy

You can easily freeze your seen. You can hide your online. You can customize your account with a passcode. You will get an unlimited variety of gifs and emoticons. You can even download new emoticons and gifs from the play store and use them. You can easily customize your notification bar as you desire. You can schedule your messages easily. If you want to wish someone or remind someone of something on time, easily schedule them. The message will be delivered at the scheduled time. Original WhatsApp doesn’t come with this feature. GBWhatsApp comes with a feature to easily backup. Restore your data easily while switching your device.

Installation Procedure for GBWhatsApp

GB WhatsApp’s official site doesn’t need many demands for installation. Follow these easy steps.

⦁ First, download the file for GB WhatsApp official site from the website. After downloading, go to your settings.
⦁ Scroll through your settings until you find privacy settings
⦁ Click on that option and search for external resources.
⦁ After finding the option, enable the use of external resources.
⦁ Once you enable it, go to file manager.
⦁ Search for the file which you downloaded later.
⦁ Click on it, and your file will be installed automatically.
⦁ After installation of GB WhatsApp official site new version, type your account details, activate it and enjoy to the fullest.

Final Thoughts

GBWhatsApp’s official site brings amazing and different features which the original WhatsApp lacks. This application is one of the best mods you will find in the application world. There is no need to worry about your account getting hacked or banned since this application is fully secured with anti-ban. So let’s install it and enjoy.

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