How to Download WhatsApp Plus from Official Website

How to Download WhatsApp Plus from Official Website | Step By Step Guide

You’ll be able to appreciate the increasingly important functions of the original WhatsApp application. WhatsApp pay, dark mode, and more come with WhatsApp Plus Official Site. This altered adaptation is the same as your FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and more. They come from the same family. This small-size app gives you a chance to have your customized WhatsApp. This also lets you have your protection without any concerns. Utilize WhatsApp Plus Official Site and normal WhatsApp at once and on the same smartphone. Get additional functions and have an astounding time interfacing with companions and family. Let’s see what features do; this adjusted form from the mod family has got to offer us!

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus Features


WhatsApp Plus is the best application for those seeking privacy. This application comes with the best insurance of privacy. Especially safety of your chats and accounts is there.
There is no need to worry about your phone being anywhere since you can put Touch ID or passcode. Easily proceed to do whatever you want. This feature is not available in original WhatsApp. Original WhatsApp even lacked a lot of options that WhatsApp users desired to have.

Advanced Privacy

Features include blue tick, last seen, double tick, and whatnot. WhatsApp Plus application allows you to hide your blue and double tick. Message freely whenever you want. This application even allows you to freeze your online status. Not only that, you can remove your recording and typing too.
You can easily message whenever you want without any problem of getting caught. In case you are customizing your last seen or other features hiding them doesn’t mean you can’t see others’ status. With WhatsApp Plus from the Official Site, you can easily do that without them knowing.
You can even see deleted messages as well as status without them knowing. WhatsApp Plus from the Official Site application has a stealth mode, which helps with the security of your chats. If we talk about pictures, this application is the best rescue if you wish to upload your full-sized picture without cropping it as original WhatsApp has a specific size.

Send Full Sized Media

WhatsApp Plus from the Official Site application allows you to upload the full-size picture with original resolution freely. Original WhatsApp always decreased the quality and limited the option of pictures to send. This application allows you to send up to more than ten pictures at once along with the original resolution. You can also send large audio and video files. Normal WhatsApp never gives you such choices to customize your account.

New Customization Features

Here you can easily customize your profile. Not only just the themes or wallpapers but there are different fonts too. You can also customize the size of your chats as you pleased. WhatsApp Plus from Official Site application is also best in removing tags such as forwarded messages, deleted messages, and more. This application also gives you built-in themes from developers.

This application also gives you an interesting and amazing variety of emojis and stickers. You can customize your account the way you desire, unlike original WhatsApp, which only comes with uninteresting and selective options. WhatsApp Plus Official Site application offers you many comfortable options with quick service of fixing bugs and errors. This application has anti-ban security, which doesn’t ban your account for any reason.

Installation Procedure

To install WhatsApp Plus Official Site, follow these few steps.
⦁ The first thing you have to do is go to the settings option on your phone.
⦁ Secondly, find security and privacy option.
⦁ Click on it, find an option for allowing installation of external resources.
⦁ After permitting this option, come back to your home screen.
⦁ Then open your browser site. Easily write PlusWhatsApp official site on your search bar.
⦁ Find the official site and download an APK file from there.
⦁ After downloading the file, find that Apk file in your file folder.
⦁ The file will be downloaded automatically.
⦁ After following all these steps, register your number in the app and relish it.

Final Thoughts

The official site for WhatsApp Plus APK is We provide you with every update and latest release so stay tuned for future updates. Original WhatsApp doesn’t offer such features which this application offers. It has easy interfaces and guidelines so that if you are struggling to get help!

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