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YoWhatsApp Download APK | Latest Version | April 2024

If you are looking for the latest version of YoWhatsApp APK, then you are in the right place. On our site, you can download the updated version of YoWhatsApp with a single click. We also discuss how to use YoWhatsApp and share tips and tricks about it. So if you are interested, then continue reading.

We also offer older versions of YoWhatsApp 7.0 Download and YoWhatsApp 5.0 Download as well.

How to Download Yo WhatsApp on Android?

What is the Yo WhatsApp APK’s latest March 2024 version?

The official latest version of Yo WhatsApp APK is v20.93.35 which was released in March 2024. Click on the Download button below to get the latest version of YoWhatsApp APK for Android.

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Download YoWhatsApp from here

We all love using WhatsApp. WhatsApp has now become our daily driver. Be it for connecting with friends or getting in touch with our family, WhatsApp is a great choice. WhatsApp currently has 2 billion active users worldwide with over 100 billion messages sent every day. WhatsApp is also considered the most popular messaging app in the world. With that being said, some alternate versions of WhatsApp do better than the official one in every aspect. Let’s have a look at YoWhatsApp APK and its awesome features for Android.

YoWhatsApp as discussed above is developed by a third-party developer called Hazar Bozkurt that’s why it’s not available on the Google Play Store. But worry not a bit, we are providing you with the direct download link of Yo WhatsApp. Click on the download button below to download YoWhatsApp APK for Android and start using a better version of WhatsApp now!

App NameYoWhatsApp APK (Latest Version)
Size52 MB
DeveloperWhatsApp Mod Team
Required Android Version5.0 + Above
Updated1 Day Ago

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Is Yo WhatsApp Safe to Use?

Yo WhatsApp doesn’t come from official developers, so we can’t comment on how safe it will be. But you can use it for general purposes. All the users are advised to read the Safe Usage Guide regarding the use of WhatsApp Mods.

What is YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp Icon

YoWhatsApp APK also called YoWa is a modified version or a mod of WhatsApp that is created by Hazar BOZKURT to deliver features that aren’t present in the official version. So first of all big thanks to him. Modified versions such as YoWhatsApp are created by making some changes to the official version. The main purpose is to add extra features to the official app to make it even better.

Currently, there are lots of such mods available in the market such as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc. But today, we will discuss everything you need to know about YoWhatsApp. Even though all the WhatsApp Mods work very similarly, there are some key differences that make Yo WhatsApp special from its competitors.

Download the Official Version of WhatsApp

Official WhatsApp Site Screenshot

You can also download the official version of WhatsApp by clicking the download button below.

Why YoWhatsApp is better than Official WhatsApp

If you want to enjoy better features than the official version, then there is no doubt you should always go for the modded apps. But there are so many apps available today on the internet. So why do you choose YoWhatsApp and why is it a big deal? We will explore all the features and see how you can use these features to make the most out of your WhatsApp experience.

YoWhatsApp Main Menu

Generally, Official versions are considered the best. Since they almost don’t have any bugs and they are stable for all devices they run on. But that doesn’t make an app great. Despite having a stable and bug-free experience the app should deliver as many features as possible it can to its users. 

Let’s take the official WhatsApp for an instance, it’s all great, it runs smoothly on all devices it as expected to be, but it simply lacks some features. And these features are present in the YoWhatsApp. That’s why it becomes important for us to know more about the alternative of WhatsApp, also called YOWA sometimes.

Today we will list some of the most groundbreaking features that you would never have imagined existed. So let’s get started.

YoWhatsApp APK Features

YoWhatsApp Features

Here are some of the most popular features of YoWhatsApp. They are useful in many ways. These features are exclusive to YoWhatsApp only.


  • Disable Forwarded Message Tag – This is really a great feature. You can now disable the forwarded message tag while forwarding messages from one person to another.
  • Hide Your Last Seen – This feature is also available in the official version, but you can’t see other people’s last seen too. YoWhatsApp fixes this issue and lets you hide your last seen, while others can’t see your last seen.
  • Who Can Call You – It’s annoying sometimes that we get calls on WhatsApp and we simply can’t reject them as the caller would already know that you are online. But YoWhatsApp APK for Android solves this issue. Now you can set who can call you under privacy settings.
YoWhatsApp Privacy
  • Anti-Delete Messages- The name says it all. Enable this feature and the sender cannot delete messages once sent to you. It will show you messages even after they deleted them. It is a very powerful feature that is not present in the official version of  WhatsApp. So use it wisely and with caution.
  • Show Blue Ticks After Reply – This is another great feature in regard to privacy. If you don’t want your friends to know that you have seen their message, you should enable it. Using this feature you can see anyone’s message, but it will not show them blue ticks. Blue ticks will only be shown to them when you reply to them.
YoWhatsApp Chats Features
  • Hide View Status – If you enable this, other people won’t be able to see you have seen their status. Works great if you want to stalk someone without them letting me know.
  • Anti-Delete Status – This works similarly to the Anti-Delete Message feature. So now instead of messages, your friends won’t be able to delete their status once they post a status. Again, another powerful feature that should be used wisely. The anti-Delete Status feature is exclusive to YoWhatsApp only.
  • DND Disturb Mode – DND disturb mode is made especially for those users who want to use their smartphones but don’t want to receive messages from WhatsApp. Turn this on and you won’t receive any messages, meanwhile, you can keep the wifi or mobile data on and do your work or watch some videos.
YoWhatsApp Status Features


  • Hide Chats with Pattern or Pin – This is extremely important for someone who wants to hide some chats on WhatsApp. To set this up, click on the YoWhatsApp header and set up the pattern or pin lock. Now you can hide any chat you wish in a secret place. You have to click on the YoWhatsApp header to access hidden chats.
Hide Chats with Pin or Pattern
  • In-Built Fingerprint Lock – Lock your Yo WhatsApp with a fingerprint. Make sure your phone has a fingerprint sensor. This feature is available on the official Whatsapp as well.
In-Built Fingerprint Lock
  • Hide Media From the Gallery – Have some personal photos that you don’t want to share with others? If yes, enable this option in media features, and don’t worry again about your private images and videos appearing in the phone gallery.
Hide Media from Gallery

YoWhatsApp Extra Features

  • Send High-Quality Photos – With the help of YoWhatsApp download, you can now send images without losing their quality. We often send images to someone but they appear blurry. That’s because WhatsApp reduces the image quality to reduce the loads on the server.
  • Send High-Quality WhatsApp Status – Now send high-quality images or videos on status without losing picture quality. Official WhatsApp reduces the quality by 20%.
  • Send More than 30 Media Files – You can now send more than 30 media files at once. Official WhatsApp had a limit of 30 files only.
  • Send Status in Best Quality – WhatsApp has a limit set for the video. You can’t send large videos on the status. But with YoWhatsApp you can send large videos as well without any limit.
YoWhatsApp Extra Features
  • Enable chat heads feature – If you use Facebook, you should be familiar with this thing. It is basically a pop-up-like bubble that will stay on the screen when you leave YoWhatsApp. It helps you multi-task and send messages to people while using different apps or watching videos.
  • Forward the Messages to up to 300 people – The official WhatsApp has a limit of up to 5 people. Now you can forward it to more people. But just make sure don’t abuse this feature or send spam messages, otherwise, you will face an issue.
Increase Forward Limit
  • Auto-Update YoWhatsApp – Turn this feature on to update YoWhatsApp automatically when a new update is available.
  • Personalize Launcher Icons – Now you can choose from different icons for Yo WhatsApp. There are dozens of in-built launcher icons available in the Launcher icon menu.
Auto Update YoWhatsApp


WhatsApp only offers limited customization. There are literally just two ways to change the appearance of the official WhatsApp. The Dark theme and the Light theme. Apart from that, you don’t see any extra things that you can tweak to make it more customizable.

if you love using themes, and customizing WhatsApp, then you should have a look at the following features. Ultimate customization is now possible with the help of YoWhatsApp for Android.

  • Theme Store – Unlike the official WhatsApp, a dedicated Theme Store is available for people who want to try something new and different. There are hundreds of themes to choose from in the Theme Store. All these themes are free and can be edited too. There’s even an option for saving themes to your internal storage. You can restore them too when you reinstall YoWhatsApp.
YoWhatsApp Theme Store
  • DIY Theme – This is one of the most initiative features of YoWhatsApp. YoWA for Android now lets you build a theme completely from scratch. Just go to the theme section and go to the DIY theme option. Here you can customize and arrange everything you see on the screen and interact with. So go ahead and create your own theme now.
YoWhatsApp DIY Theme
  • Color phone – Another cool feature if you want to stand apart from other WhatsApp users. The color phone is basically nothing but the caller screen you see when you receive calls on YoWhatsApp. This simple hack will let you customize the caller screen when you receive calls while using YoWhatsApp.
YoWhatsApp Colorphone

Will I Get Banned for Using YoWhatsApp?

Will I Get Banned for using YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp is a third-party WhatsApp mod created by an independent developer. You won’t face ban issues if you use the app for the right purposes. However, you might face ban issues if you use some features more than the intended limit. So we warn you not to abuse or misuse the features provided in the YoWhatsApp.

We also encourage all our fellow users to use a secondary phone number to register on YoWhatsApp. It’s fine if you want to use your primary number but again, you have to bear the loss, if WhatsApp puts a ban on your account. Using a secondary or temporary phone number for YoWhatsApp is always a great choice since your main account on official WhatsApp will remain safe.

How to Update YoWhatsApp to the latest version?

How to Update YoWhatsApp

Since YoWa APK is not available on the Google Play Store, we collect the latest versions of all WhatsApp mods on our site including YoWhatsApp and make them available to you. All you have to do is to check our site to see if there is a new update available and download the latest version from our site with a single click.

We provide the WhatsApp Mod APKs of the latest versions as well as previous versions too. So if you ever need to download old versions, check out the download page of the respective app.

Is YoWhatsApp Free?

Is YoWhatsApp Free to Use

Yes, YoWhatsApp is free and we hope it will remain free forever. Just as official WhatsApp, It doesn’t cost you a single penny to install and use the YoWhatsApp app. The developers never charged money for using their apps, instead, they kept on adding new cool features every day. In fact, since the release of YoWhatsApp, we get a new version every week with some extra features added to it and bug fixes too.

Will I be able to Chat with regular WhatsApp users?

Chat with Normal Users on FMWhatsApp

Yes, you can chat with official/ regular WhatsApp users and other WhatsApp mod users such as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus, among others.

YoWhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application that lets you connect with anyone who uses WhatsApp worldwide. This includes people who use other WhatsApp alternatives as well. Great, isn’t it?

Even though both official WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp have some differences, they are connected to the same server so users can connect to each other. Send and receive everything you share on the official version such as photos, videos, audio, GIFs, Documents, and location. You will face no problem whatsoever.

Can I Use YoWhatsApp without Uninstalling Official WhatsApp?

Official WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp can be used at the same time on the same Android device without any issues.

YoWhatsApp works as a standalone version which means you don’t have to delete official WhatsApp to be able to use YoWhatsApp. This is in fact a very good way if you want to open a different account using a different phone number. Now you can use 2 WhatsApp on your phone, allowing you to use official for work purposes and others for personal use. You can use it, however, you wish. It will be better if you use a temporary or secondary phone number on YoWhatsApp to avoid ban issues if there will be any.

YoWhatsApp Installation Guide

If you want to use YoWhatsApp, then make sure you download it and install it on your Android device. The installation process for YoWhatsApp is extremely simple; it hardly takes 2 minutes to install the YoWhatsApp app and get going.

If you are first time downloading YoWa APK then this guide will help show you how to Install WhatsApp on your Android device.

Time needed: 2 minutes

Follow the installation guide below step-by-step to Install Yo WhatsApp on your device successfully. You will need to have an Android device running 5.0 and above.

  1. Download WhatsApp

    To download YoWA APK for Android, click on the download button above.

  2. Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

    To do this, go to the settings of your Android phone. Look for security, under this section, you will find the Installation from Unknown Source toggle. Enable it so that you can now install YoWhatsApp on your device without any issues.

  3. Install YoWhatsApp

    After enabling the installation from unknown sources toggle, it’s now time to install the YoWhatsApp finally. To do this, go to the file manager or the folder where you have downloaded the YoWhatsApp APK file. Now simply tap on the YoWhatsApp file and then tap on install. Give the necessary permission if it asks, and install the app

  4. Register Your Phone Number

    The fourth and last step will be registering your phone number on WhatsApp. This process is exactly similar to WhatsApp. Enter the number, then enter OTP, and done you are ready to enjoy the most powerful features of YoWhatsApp. Enjoy!


So that’s everything you need to know about YoWhatsApp. It’s a pretty cool app. In fact, it’s the best alternative to WhatsApp. We recommend you to try something new, you should definitely check out YoWhatsApp APK for Android. We believe it will save time and take your WhatsApp experience to the next level. From security to privacy and customization, YoWhatsApp puts everything into place, that official WhatsApp doesn’t offer. 

Click on the download button above to install the latest version of the YoWhatsApp APK. We always keep YoWhatsApp updated. Keep visiting our site for the latest updates of YoWhatsApp and other WhatsApp Mods. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t forget to comment down below. Thank you!

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