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Download FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version For Android | Official July Update

If you are looking for the best WhatsApp alternative,  then you are in the right place. But today we are going to discuss one of the best WhatsApp Mods available on the internet right now. FM WhatsApp APK for Android is an excellent WhatsApp alternative that gives you tons of features and customization options. We will talk about what FMWhatsApp is, how you can download it and how you can make your WhatsApp experience even better.

Why Should You Use FMWhatsApp APK?

There are dozens of WhatsApp Mods available such as GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc. But FM WhatsApp also known as FMWA APK is the best amongst all. The number of features and customization abilities it provides is far beyond the official version of WhatsApp. If you are interested in using advanced features that WhatsApp doesn’t have then we recommend you to go through this article. We have provided every single detail you require to get started using FMWhatsApp 2020 APK.

FMWhatsApp APK Icon

As discussed above FMWhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp. But why should you switch to FMWhatsApp? Well, there are several reasons why you should do it. First of all, FM WhatsApp lets you customize every aspect of your WhatsApp. Then it offers some cool  Privacy and Security related features that are nowhere to be found in other versions. For example, You can now Hide your online status, See deleted messages, See deleted status, Hide blue ticks, enable DND and do much more than that.

Where Should I Download the latest version of FMWhatsApp APK?

Download FMWhatsApp from here

We are offering visitors the latest FMWhatsApp APK from our website. FMWhatsApp APK is Free to install and use. Before proceeding to install the FM WhatsApp APK, visitors are encouraged to read the Safe Usage Guide provided on our site.

Download FMWhatsApp

Download the latest version of FMWhatsApp APK

App NameFMWhatsApp APK (Latest Version)
Size52 MB
DeveloperWhatsApp Mod Team
Required Android Version5.0 + Above
Updated1 Day Ago

Is FMWhatsApp safe to use?

FMWhatsApp doesn’t come from official developers, so we can’t comment on how safe it will be. But you can use it for general purposes. All the users are advised to read the Safe Usage Guide regarding the use of WhatsApp Mods.

Download Official Version of WhatsApp

You can also download the official version of WhatsApp by clicking the download button below.

What exactly is FM WhatsApp and who Created it?

What is FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is also known as FM WhatsApp, is a third-party modified version originally created by Fouad Mokdad. FM WhatsApp is based on the official version of WhatsApp. But both apps are not the same, WhatsApp offers you very basic sets of features. On the other hand, FM WhatsApp has dozens of settings that you can tweak according to your needs.

New features were added to FM WhatsApp APK by modifying the existing version so that end users can benefit the maximum. Another great thing is that FMWhatsApp is absolutely free to download and use.

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FMWhatsApp APK Features

FMWhatsApp APK Features

We have discussed what FMWhatsApp is. Now Let’s discuss its features in-depth and see how we can use it to get the most out of it.

FMWhatsApp has dozens of features that we don’t see in the official WhatsApp. If you are going to use it for the first time, we recommend you to check out the useful features below. We are mentioning the best features of FM WhatsApp here, you can download the FMWA APK 2022 and explore more in the app.

FMWhatsApp Privacy Features

FM WhatsApp focuses mainly on privacy and security aspects. It is important to keep our chats to ourselves and have control over who can access your WhatsApp. So here are some awesome features of FM WhatsApp APK that you are going to love.

FMWhatsApp General Privacy

Freeze Your Last Scene

There are times when we don’t want our friends to know when we were online last time on WhatsApp. This feature takes care of it and lets you hide your Last Scene from others. This feature is present in the official version but if you turn off the last seen, you also won’t be able to see other people’s last seen. 

Go to FM Setting> Privacy Features> Enable Hide Last Seen.

Anti-View Once

Ok here is another cool feature that’s only available in FMWhatsApp APK for Android. This feature basically lets users send a one-time Image or Video. After the receiver sees it, it disappears. This is indeed a great feature if you want someone to see something for just one time.

However, with FMWhatsApp, you can see View once messages as much as you want. It won’t disappear even if the sender sends a one-time message. This is a really great addition to the useful FMWhatsApp features.

Enable Anti-View Once feature from FM Mods> Privacy & Security> Anti-View Once.

Disable Forwarded Tag

This feature does what it says. If you are someone who loves to forward messages from one place to another. This feature could prove useful to you. Official WhatsApp shows the tag if you forward a message from one contact to another. What this feature does is that you can forward/ send messages to anyone and it will hide the tag that says “Forwarded“.

It comes in handy for those who forward messages on a constant basis and doesn’t want forwarded tags to appear when forwarding a message to someone.

Set Who Can Call Me

This is another great addition with respect to privacy. You can now set who can call you on WhatsApp. If you exclude someone from calling you, no one will be able to call you on FMWhatsApp. Keep in mind that, you need to manually remove the contact from the list, otherwise you won’t receive any calls from that particular contact.

FMWhatsApp Chats Privacy Features

FMWhatsApp Chats Privacy

Anti-Delete Messages

This is another great feature of FM WhatsApp APK. Sometimes someone sends a message and deletes it immediately. If you use the official version, there is no way you can see the delete of the messages. But with the help of FMWhatsApp, now you can see deleted messages even after your friend deletes them. 

Enable this feature from FM Setting> Chat Features> Enable Anti-Delete Messages.

Show Blue Ticks After You Reply

Here is another great feature of FMWhatsApp APK. With the help of this feature, you can reply to someone without letting them know that you have seen their status. This is a cool feature especially for someone who doesn’t want to reply to someone immediately. The Blue Ticks will only be shown to the sender after you have replied to their messages.

Status Features

The official version has limited functionality and control over the status department. There are not many things to do on WhatsApp. But with the help of FM WhatsApp, you can do many things like.

FMWhatsApp Status Features

Hide View Status

Here’s another great feature of FM WhatsApp 2022 APK. This feature is enabled by default and offers you one of the most asked and popular features. If this feature is enabled, if you see your friend’s status, they will not know that you have seen their status. So it can be useful for those who don’t want others to know that that they have viewed other people’s status.

In simple words, You can now see others’ statuses and other people won’t be able to know that you have seen their status. It’s good for those who want to stalk their friends’ status. It’s available on the FMWhatsApp.

To enable this go to FM Settings> Status Features> Enable Hide View Status.

Anti-Delete Status

This is one of the most popular features of FMWhatsApp APK. If you enable this, you can watch your friend’s status even if they delete them. In the official version, you can’t get this feature. It is only exclusive to the FMWhatsApp only. That’s why we recommend downloading FMWhatsApp for Android.

Send Status Videos Longer than 5 Minutes

You can now send videos longer than 5 minutes. Note that only people who will use WhatsApp Mods like FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp can see status longer than 30 seconds. WhatsApp users will only see up to 30 seconds.

Send High Quality Status Images and Videos

FMWhatsApp lets you share 100% quality photos without losing sharpness. It’s a great feature indeed.

Advanced Features of FM WhatsApp APK

DND Mode

FMWhatsApp DND Mode

With the help of DND mode, you can temporarily stop receiving messages from people. This feature automatically turns off the internet connection of the FM WhatsApp APK. So that even if your phone is connected to wifi or mobile data, you will still not receive messages until you turn off DND Mode. Beware while using DND Mode as you may not receive messages that could be important for you. Make sure you turn the DND mode off when you think you are free. DND Mode in FMWhatsApp is a blessing for those who want to focus on their work without receiving messages from friends.

Enable DND Mode by clicking the three dots button in FM WhatsApp.

Auto Translate Messages

Auto Translate Messages

If you talk to people that speak different languages, FM WhatsApp can make your work easy. There is now a direct translation feature inside the FMWA APK which you can use to translate messages from any language to your desired language.

FMWhatsApp Hide Media from Gallery

There are some times when we don’t want images, videos to appear in our gallery. By default, WhatsApp saves all the media downloaded to your phone in the internal storage and you can see the media in the phone’s gallery app as well.

If you wish, you can avoid showing media in your gallery app. Instead Videos, Images will be shown in the FM WhatsApp only.

Advanced Media Features

Send Images in Full Resolution

Here is a great feature that lets you send images in high quality. Official WhatsApp compress your image but with the help of FMWhatsApp, you can send messages without reducing the picture quality.

Send More Than 30 Images

If you use the official app and send a lot of photos and videos at once, you would know there is a limit of up to 30 media file shares. FM WhatsApp lets you send more than 30 images or videos to others. Pretty awesome, right? Download FMWhatsApp APK now and enjoy such features.

Increase Forward Limit

FMWhatsApp Increase Forward Limit

The official WhatsApp version puts a limit on how many people you can forward messages to. The limit in the official version is set up to 300 contacts. Download FM WhatsApp and forward messages to as many people as you want. This feature is enabled by default, you don’t need to enable it. We recommend not to forward messages above the 300 mark if it’s not necessary.

FMWhatsApp Backup Features

FMWhatsApp Backup Feature

FMWhatsApp lets you backup and restore your WhatsApp chats effortlessly. You can take backup in 3 ways.

  1. Take Local Backup
  2. Take Mega Backup
  3. Take Dropbox Backup

You can find Backup settings under the FM Setting> Backup & Restore section.

The Local Backup works the same as the official WhatsApp.

You can include Media files if you want in the backup.

If you want to take Online Backup, you have to open a Mega or Dropbox account. Both the online backup options are Free and offer you a good amount of space to backup all WhatsApp chats.

To restore your backup, simply open your FMWhatsApp, go to FM Setting> Backup & Restore and select the Backup option. You can then choose which backup file you want to restore. There will be 3 options, Local backup, Mega, and Dropbox backup.

FM WhatsApp doesn’t support Google Drive backup as of now.

How to Install FMWhatsApp APK on Android?

Installing FMWhatsApp APK is like a piece of cake. There are no additional steps involved in installing this awesome app. It’s like installing any other app. But we are providing a step-by-step guide here just to help those who are using FMWhatsApp for the first time.

We assume you are using the official version of WhatsApp and now after reading all the exciting features, want to try out the new FMWhatsApp. If yes, then you have made the right decision.

For further instructions check out GBWhatsApp Guide for Beginners.

If you want to know detailed instructions regarding the installation of GBWhatsApp or any other WhatsApp Mods, refer to this article- How to Install any WhatsApp Mod on Android.

Click to know how you can Update Any WhatsApp Mod.

FM WhatsApp Installation Guide

FMWhatsApp Installation Guide

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step installation guide for FMWhatsApp.

  1. Click on the Download button above

    Scroll up or simply Click Here to go to the download page of FMWhatsApp APK. Here we provide all versions of FMWA APK.

  2. Select the Version

    Next still will be to select the version. Choose the latest version always from the list. The download will begin immediately.

  3. Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

    Android phones by default can’t install apps other than Google Play Store. Since we are downloading FM WhatsApp from the developers’ site, we have to enable ‘Installation From Unknown Sources’ first.
    To do that, go to Settings> Security and Enable unknown installation toggle. After this, you can download any APK and install it on your Android device.

  4. Install FMWhatsApp

    Now that we enabled installation from a third party, let’s install FM WhatsApp itself. To do that, head over to your download folder where you have downloaded the FMWhatsApp APK Latest version. Simply, tap on it and tap Install. Wait for a while and the app will be installed on your phone.

  5. Register Your Phone Number and enjoy the awesome features of FMWhatsApp

    Again, just as you would register your number on official WhatsApp, you have to do the same here. Simply put your phone number, enter your name, and done. Now you are ready to take advantage of all the awesome features that FM WhatsApp for Android provides.


We believe that you have liked the FMWhatsApp APK. It’s not just a WhatsApp Mod, it’s a complete overhaul. From security to privacy and different customization abilities FM WhatsApp sets it apart from other versions and proves why it’s one of the best WhatsApp Mods. There are dozens of other features that you can find only by installing FM WhatsApp APK for Android itself. So go ahead and try it yourself to know why people love it so much.

If you are interested in more such awesome WhatsApp mods, then you can check out other apps such as GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc. We have made a different category for all WhatsApp alternatives so check them out too. Don’t forget to leave your feedback about FMWhatsApp APK (FMWA) and tell us what other features you want to see in the next update

Download all the upcoming latest versions of FMWhatsApp from our site. Thank you so much for reading this.

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