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How to Download GBWhatsApp 2024

How to Download GBWhatsApp 2024 Version for Android | GBWhatsApp Guide

GBWhatsApp 2024 version download is an amazing application that gives you extra premium features. This app also belongs to the family of FMWhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, and more. This modified version is really popular. It provides you with the ability to share multiple images at once. You can set your desired themes for WhatsApp and enjoy the look. Can change icons and the options for customization are endless. This app is perfect for getting your unique WhatsApp.

Looking for the FM WhatsApp APK 2024 Version, follow this guide.

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Original WhatsApp is great, but there are many features that it lacks. You cannot adjust your privacy according to your needs. Neither you can send huge media files. There is no option for you to download or save statuses in it. You also cannot set themes, just the wallpapers. You cannot even hide your status previews through the original app. So, it is better to get the GBWhatsApp 2024 download to get all the amazing features. Here are a few features that you will be getting with the amazing modified version of WhatsApp.

If you want to know how to use WhatsApp Web on GBWhatsApp, check out this quick guide.

Download GBWhatsApp APK 2024 Version

Not sure how to update GBWhatsApp APK? Follow this step-by-step guide.

If you want to use the official version of the app. You can download it from WhatsApp here.

Download GBWhatsApp 2022 APK from here

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Features of GBWhatsApp 2024 APK Official Site

The main feature of the GBWhatsApp APK 2024 download is it fixes all the bugs. Dark Mode is also enabled in this version. Another feature is that you get many themes created by some users for free. If you want to use two accounts on the same device, you can easily use them using GBWhatsApp 2024 download.
If you want to share your daily story on WhatsApp status, images, videos, quotes, and many more things, you cannot copy these items. But in GBWhatsApp 2024 download, you can copy and save it to your on-device storage for later use.

Improved File Sharing

Improved File Sharing

You face problems sending large files like videos, software files, and other data in normal WhatsApp. But in GBWhatsApp 2024 APK, download allows you to send video files up to 50MB and audio files up to 100 MB. You are also allowed to increase or decrease these limits in the setting.

In the normal version, you are not sending more than 10 pictures at a single time. But in GBWhatsApp 2024 download, you can send more than 10 pictures at a single time.

You can also send videos for up to 7 minutes. But in the original version, you are only allowed to send video for up to 30 seconds.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply

GBWhatsApp 2024 download also has an auto-reply feature available in the original WhatsApp version. You can send auto-reply a message in this option whether you are online or offline.

WhatsApp Customization, Emojis, and Stickers

Customization, Emojis and Stickers

In the GBWhatsApp 2024 download, you are also a developer, so create and use your theme for this APK. You can also select themes created by other developers.

GBWhatsApp 2024 download users enjoy customized emojis are amazing. New customized emojis are only available for GBWhatsApp 2024 download users.

Stickers are a new feature added in the original version of WhatsApp. It is also available in GBWhatsApp 2024 download and adds as many stickers as you want. You can also change the app’s icon as well as in the notify bar.

Another important feature is to hide your blue ticks and double ticks from your contacts. You can also hide the online status which allows you not to expose your online status to your contacts.

Installation Procedure for GBWhatsApp 2024

The installation procedure of the GBWhatsApp 2024 Version download is easy even for a newbie. You can install and use this app by following the instructions given below.

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Scroll down to security options.
  • In the security options, find the option for permissions.
  • There, allow installation from unknown resources.
  • Then go back to your Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • Download the GBWA 2024 APK download from the website or webpage.
  • Once the app is downloaded Open your File, Explorer.
  • Go to File Explorer then open the download folder.
  • In the download folder, click on the GBWhatsApp APK download file.
  • The installation will be done in a minute.
  • Open the GBWhatsApp App, register your WhatsApp number, and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp is a great application, but they do not provide some features. That is the only reason that users look for different modified versions. Download GBWA 2024 APK is an amazing application that provides users with all the missing features that they want. So, if you are someone looking for some amazing and unique WhatsApp features for yourself. So, install the GBWhatsApp 2024 APK now and enjoy messaging on a whole new level!

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