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How to Download FMWhatsApp APK New Version for Android

If you are looking for the FMWhatsApp APK New Version, then you are in the right place. We have provided you with the latest version of FM WhatsApp for Android. You can download it by clicking the download button below.


FMWhatsApp also belongs to the family of GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus‘s new version. This modified app is a small-sized application that takes only 52 MBs of internal storage. This app is a great alternative to WhatsApp, with more features and benefits to offer you. These modified apps are best and loved by users for a single reason. And that is that they provide you with a great user experience with features that make your life easier.

Why FMWhatsApp New Version over GBWhatsApp?

The regular WhatsApp does not contain bugs or issues, but it still lacks some features available through this version of the WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp’s new version provides you with the best features. Including all the original features of the official WhatsApp application as well. So, without the wait, let’s check out these features.

Download FMWhatsApp APK New Version

Download FMWhatsApp APK New Version
App NameFMWhatsApp APK (Latest Version)
Size52 MB
DeveloperWhatsApp Mod Team
Required Android Version5.0 + Above
Updated1 Day Ago

Is FMWhatsApp safe to use?

FMWhatsApp doesn’t come from official developers, so we can’t comment on how safe it will be. But you can use it for general purposes. All the users are advised to read the Safe Usage Guide regarding the use of WhatsApp Mods.

FMWhatsApp New Version Features

Here are some of the most useful features that people use every day with the help of FMWhatsApp. Let’s explore them!

Freeze Your Last Seen

Freeze Last Seen

FMWhatsApp’s new version allows you to freeze your last seen. By freezing, it means that you can set your last seen at a specific time. Without any issue, you cannot do with your ordinary WhatsApp. This way, you can see others’ WhatsApp last seen but yours’ will not be visible to them. The hide view status feature of FMWhatsApp’s new version lets you watch the status of others. While not letting them know that you have watched their stories.

Show Blue Tick After You Reply

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

There are times when we have read the message but are not in the mood to reply. We cannot hide our blue ticks with original WhatsApp according to our desire. Luckily, with the FMWhatsApp new version, you can enable a feature. This only shows a blue tick to the other user after you have replied to them. So, if you are busy, you do not have to worry about replying immediately. You can also hide blue ticks and delivered ticks as well, but you can see whether the other has received it or not.

Hide Forwarded Message Tag

Hide Forward Message Tag

The forwarded message tag is annoying in the original WhatsApp. But with the FMWhatsApp new version, you can go to your settings and hide this tag from your messages. Many of you might want to send messages without showing that you are typing or recording a message. But, that is not possible with ordinary WhatsApp. But, FMWhatsApp’s new version enables you to get this benefit without any complications. Do you get annoyed with everyone calling you? If yes, then FMWhatsApp’s new version is here to the rescue.

Select Who Can Contact You

Select Who Can Contact You

This modified application helps you filter out contacts you want to call you. And block all the others you do not want to get in touch with. This way, they can call you on your cellular network if it is important. Then the most annoying part includes deleted messages and stories with original WhatsApp. We can never know about that, but FMWhatsApp’s new version enables options for anti-delete status and anti-delete messages. This way, you will view the deleted statuses and messages without any problems.



Last but not least, FMWhatsApp APK New Version comes with the perfect customization feature. The best part is that you can change the wallpaper like regular WhatsApp. But, you can also change the whole theme of the application. Why is it so exciting? Because you will have your dark, purple, blue, and more types of themes. These will make your WhatsApp app unique and best without spending any penny on it.

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Installation Procedure

Install the FMWhatsApp New Version for Android with a few easy steps as given below

  • First of all, download the FMWhatsApp New Version by clicking the download button above.
  • After that you have to enable, Installation from Unknown Sources. Go to Settings of your phone and enable it.
  • Download the FMWhatsApp new version from the webpage.
  • Open your device folder and click on the application; the installation will start.
  • After installation, open FMWhatsApp’s new version, register, and start using it!

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp is a common app and has been popular for communicating for a long time. We all love using it very much. Unfortunately, this application comes with some limitations. The official WhatsApp developers cannot add everything to the application for reasons unknown. So, here you can use the modified versions like FMWhatsApp APK New Version, WhatsApp Plus, and more. This way, you get what you cannot get from the ordinary WhatsApp. So, if you want to freeze your last seen or want other advanced features, then this application is for you. Install today and enjoy for the rest of the days.

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